V.I.P. Mastermind CPR:

(“Context, Purpose, Results”)


When you bring together multiple minds that are all geared towards success and accomplishment at a very high level, and you put those minds together in a conversation that is filled with purpose, direction, mastermind and accountability, truly amazing things can happen.


To give a small, elite group of highly motivated and extremely talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to come together in a confidential environment and in a way that supports each member in accomplishing everything they could possibly want out of this life and more – and in a way that allows them to bring their best to the table in contributing to the success of others, while being supported by those same people.


Members enter into a very high level dialogue and discussion on various areas of personal and professional achievement.

• An extremely powerful Mastermind is created.


“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

-Napolean Hill, Think And Grow Rich

• Members will take turns being the primary focus.

• Members receive ideas, perspective and support that they would never have created on their own, or even through personal coaching.

• New friendships and potential life long connections are made.

• Opportunities for very high level networking, connecting and referrals are created.  A convergence of strong centers of influence and credibility occurs.

• Members have the opportunity to set goals and make commitments to the team.

• Members are held accountable to maintaining their commitments and keeping their word to themselves and others.

• Members have the opportunity to de-pressurize and re-charge for a few hours in a way that is healthy, educational and stimulating.

• An environment of trust and confidentiality is created.

• Each member can experience the benefits of being helped and supported by other high level individuals.

• Each member can experience the benefits of supporting and contributing to others.

• Members coach and advise one another both in team meetings as well as in offline conversations.

• Members are given structure and guidance in going through this process by an experienced facilitator and business coach.

• Members have fun and look forward to our meetings.

• Members get inspired from this process and open themselves up to new and exciting possibilities.

• And more!

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From “Think and Grow Rich”

By Napolean Hill